Wither Application Blocks?

There's been a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) going on around the application blocks.  After our TechEd presentations (where we provided a teaser, but little more), everyone was guessing about the future of the blocks.  No, they are not going away.  No, we will not stop making them.  Problem was, we couldn't really address the concerns because we were trying to be careful about not being premature in unveiling our plans (and we were still determining some of the plans, to be honest :>).  Well, a couple of weeks ago back in NYC, we finally opened the kimono, so to speak.  During the keynote, we announced Enterprise Library, the revision of our reusable software components designed to assist developers with common enterprise development challenges.Our goal was to  bring together new releases of the most widely reusable blocks into a single integrated download. We engaged with Avanade to create the initial release, refactoring the assets from their ACA.NET library into this library with a release planned in December (Avanade has exclusive rights for the three months prior to that, so if you can't wait, contact your local Avanade guy :>).  Over time, the we expect the functionality to expand and more partners to engage with us to continue to evolve the library.  Based on all of the feedback we've gotten over the years, we focused on some key goals


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