We’ve Reached The Summit!

Tomorrow is finally the day.  We're running the first patterns & practices Summit.  I'm really excited to see how this turns out.  Keith Pleas has done a tremendous job as conference chair and people are really responding to both the concept as well as the agenda.  It doesn't hurt that we have notable experts like Fernando Guerrero, Chris Kinsman, Ted Neward, and Rocky Lhotka on board (I might finally get to meet Ted in person after being on so many phone calls/e-mails with him :>).   I love the third-party aspect of this event. I think we do a great job with Microsoft-hosted events like TechEd & PDC, but I think events like VS Live are also indispensable and that's what Keith and I essentially modeled this after.  Microsoft supports it, but you'll be getting the dirt from professional trainers/consultants who have used this stuff in the real-world.  It's a nice way to avoid the Redmond “Ivory Tower“ effect that I like to rant against (but am occasionally guilty of).  This is the first time we've been the focus of an event (as opposed to playing second fiddle to the products at events like TechEd) and it was great to see the response of people interested in attending.  As much as people love to hear about tomorrow's technologies, they still want to make sure they are doing job right today.  That's where p&p comes in.  Of course, this week isn't the end of the Summiting (is that a word?).  In addition to the event that kicks off tomorrow, we have also been getting excellent enrollment for the GAPP (guidance about patterns & practices) one-day pre-con at TechEd (US and EMEA).  Meanwhile, we've already got follow-up versions set for the UK in June and Reston, VA in October.  Keith and I describe it as the three R's-- Redmond, Reading, and Reston.  Still, there are other geographies or areas that may be interested and we'd definitely like to oblige (and don't worry if your city doesn't start with R).  If you have thoughts or comments on an event like this (sorry, we can't make it free as long as third-parties need to be paid--my budget is not big enough :>), I'd love to hear them.  Where should we have it?  How often?  What should we cover?  I think this is going to be great for a v1, but I am also excited for the ways we can make it even better in October and beyond...

{Stone Temple Pilots - Purple}

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