Article: ‘Serverless’ computing: a technology trigger

The public cloud is witnessing key innovations in the area of native/managed services and appears like a beginning of a long line-up of services to land on the tarmac. The key approach taken by cloud vendors is to democratise software and pretty much aligns with the predicted technology triggers we witness from time to time….


Media Reference: *.AI, Intelligent Cloud Event

“Cognitive services will change IT applications in the future. Services can become intelligent with machine learning and we are providing APIs to startups for computer applications like vision, speech, language, knowledge and search,” says Sandeep Alur, Microsoft Lead Evangelist. Read on:


Article: Startups, guide your way to cloud

Isn’t this such an exciting time, when so much is happening in the startup arena? Technology-based startups bet on their ideas and work towards giving life to their dreams over a period. Ideas which are given shape via technology and placed on the tarmac as a pilot roll-out are tested for their relevance and acceptance…


Are you considering moving to Cloud ?

‘Cloud’ is becoming mainstream, but the know how on best practices amongst architects/developers is not widespread. The approach one takes is the single most factor that decides success or failure. There are significant # of aspects one needs to know before taking the first step of migration or hosting in the cloud. A few months back as part of…


Article: Born in the Cloud

Buzz word today in the country is undoubtedly the term called ‘Start-up’. Young and energetic, fueled by their ideas, are flocking together to put their thoughts into reality. Hundreds of examples can be quoted as evidence who are real and successful. Considering the recent names doing rounds, TinyOwl, FreshMenu, Practo, Hiree are a few who…