Mobile Developer Summit 2015: 20 Mins on Stage

It was the morning of 16th Oct 2015, and I had the opportunity to address attendees of 'Mobile Developer Summit 2015' on the topic of 'Mobility'. Previous evening, while I was preparing for the keynote, words of our CEO wandered in my mind. As he says all the time, 'It is about the Mobility of experience and not mobility of the device'. This is definitely a powerful statement and not sure how many understood/understand in the real sense. With this, all I wanted folks to take way from my talk was the essence of this very statement and how as a company we are innovating on our platform to make this a reality.

I went in a little early to take note of what other speakers are sharing and 2 key aspects were established before I took stage

1. We got to Stop 'Web vs. Native' war and this was told in the context of how we have come a long way in building native ahead of pure play responsive web experience. It does not make practical sense to debate anymore was the take away. In fact on the same stage 18 months back, while I was delivering a talk at an IEEE event, many e-comm players alluded to focus on 'Responsive Web' so that it works on mobile form factors too. On this very day, it was heartening to note that the pendulum has swung to the complete opposite side to indicate that 'Native' offers better experience and leads to superior connect with the consumers.

2. There is no better time to be a developer.Yes! This is true and evident with so much happening in the tech. world with significant investment in R&D leading to path breaking platform innovation

The above 2 points did set the stage for me to drive the messaging I intended to during my talk titled 'Mobility Platform that Knows No Boundary'. 

In 20 mins, I went over the following key topics

  • Fact that we live in a 'Mobile First Cloud First World, and how 'India' is truly becoming a 'Mobile First/Only' market
  • Little history of how our platform has evolved to address 'Cross Platform'
  • One Windows Story - How with Windows 10, we have arrived on a landscape that helps one build apps which can run on any platform (Windows, iOS, Android) and any form factor (Platform Convergence) 
  • Why it is essential to build for all platforms in this consumer driven market

You can take a look at the slides here.

Finally, talks are meaningless if attendees do not reciprocate. Standing on stage for 20 minutes, I realized that 

  • Many did subscribe to the fact that 'Mobility of Experience' matters more than anything else
  • And attendees did get to understand the 'One Windows' story 

As a Platinum Sponsor, it was worth our participation and will look forward for MODS 2016.  

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