Follow the Process and Results will follow

Simple rules of life often take a back seat. We have heard this time and again not to overemphasize on the results early in the game, but to focus on the preparation and doing the right things. This was the highlight of what I heard for one of the most respected and popular poster boy of Indian Cricket Fraternity – MS Dhoni. Watching him address a bunch of kids to a question thrown at him from a young lad on the ‘secret of his success’ was worth a watch.

“Result” is the most overwhelming term that is seeded into the ears of individuals very early in life. It is frightening to many and inspiration to many others. Fortunately or unfortunately, the only measurement of success in today’s fast paced world is ‘Result’. Stock value ticks up or down based on quarterly ‘Results’. Bonuses and Increments come individuals way based on ‘Results’. Every decision we take in our lives is a reflection of ‘Results’ at a point in time.

Keep an eye on the outcome, but worry less and focus on the process leading to ‘Results’. A key lesson and a trait to follow at every facet of our personal and professional life.

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