Azure Certification: An Industry Recognition

Industry demands individuals with 'Technical Know How' and there are couple of ways to attain technical prowess.

1. Learn on the job-> Best way is to build expertise while on project. Many might not get an opportunity to do so with majority still at the verge of embracing cloud. Under circumstances option 2 is the only means

2. Certification -> This is a great means to demonstrate readiness and expertise on a subject.

I had the opportunity to prepare and did take up certification last week. While the outcome was positive (aka Pass :-)), what makes me feel good is about the overall prep work that went behind.

Few tips that you can consider while you prepare for any certification

  • Plan your time for prep and don't rush in
  • Feel good about the stuff you know and comfort level you have on the subject rather than the outcome being positive

Clearing a certification is a big confidence booster, but clearing an 'exam somehow' should not be the intent.

End of the day, what is valued more is the knowledge you posses and certification is just a stamp to indicate that you know the subject. How much and to what depth is in your own hands...

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