Article: The marathon test: 42.2 kilometers of learning

Anxiety, anticipation and stress (mental & physical) are evident emotions that one generally goes through in life. While they are common emotions, experiencing them intentionally by forcing yourself into a situation and attempting to control desirable outcome is never easy.

This is my journey into the unseen and certain emotions I experienced that led to great learnings on the ground. While they are my personal experiences, I regard them as generic attributes, which have stark resemblances to what we witness in our professional career as well as personal life.

By the way, what is special about 42.2 kilometers? Yes! It is the official distance of a marathon. Certain learnings can only happen by experiencing sports, and this is one such evidence.

While I retrospect on this little feat of mine, these are stages that we go through with every significant task we take in our professional career. ‘Do the right things and rest will follow suite’ has been my philosophy and this theme held good.  (Even in my marathon).

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