Article: Insight into Security Model using Principal and Identity Objects in .NET

It is such a high when you discover your own article while searching for a specific topic in the internet. I had written this in 2003 and it still exists as a link @ codeproject. Power of internet.

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The buzz word ‘Security’ strikes me all the time when I think of designing an  application. According to me, paramount importance should be given to security  of any application, as hackers are always on the move. Security is something an  application should possess and not be a feature.Microsoft.NET as a technology, has given various models/patterns, towards  implementing security. The patterns can be customized to suit our requirement  and hence is extensible in nature. Microsoft.NET framework provides certain objects in the name ‘Principal’ and ‘Identity’ objects which would be our primary area of thought. This article mainly focuses on security model by adopting ‘Principal’ and ‘Identity’ objects and proposes a security model for a .NET application.

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