Jumpstart an Enterprise to Windows Azure with Migration Assessment Tool (MAT)

Often when we think about
embracing Cloud for Enterprise assets, the most daunting question that come up
is related to the candidate application. Yes! From an Enterprise point of view,
lot goes into thinking in terms of opting for an off premise, on-premise or a
Hybrid model. However the most important of all is the kind of application chosen
to be positioned in the context of Windows Azure.  

In addition to the above said
hosting models, one has to constantly think through the value that the entire
opportunity brings to the table. Capabilities exist on the cloud and definitely
the value. The onus is on an Enterprise to realize benefits out of the value
that Windows Azure offers. Bear in mind the challenges that have to be
considered in terms of business and technology. While we all realize the
benefits of Windows Azure in totality, one has to get into a detailed
assessment and planning mode before getting into action.


Some of the questions often asked

  1. What
    applications are worth moving or a perfect candidate to be moved to the cloud?
  2. How
    much of architectural and design changes does an application goes through
    before moving it to the cloud?
  3. What
    kind of effort is involved & how long it might take to move to the cloud?
  4. How
    much money am I going to save?

All of the above are not easy to
decipher without a structured process or methodology. Here is where the
Migration Assessment Tool (MAT) comes to the rescue. MAT is a desktop based
tool that offers structured approach to rapidly assess business and technical
considerations for migration to windows azure. The tool is designed to take a
large number of business & technical data as inputs related to an
application and helps Enterprises take strategic decisions on the movement.

MAT generates a report as an outcome
of the above activity leading with clear recommendations on the impact of
migration. The indicators come in the form of ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ or ‘High’ impact.
Medium or High impact are the ones that typically requires a level of effort
depending on the complexity of the existing solution/architecture.

MAT is available for partners (to
download) @
MAT can be self-branded & customized by a partner in extending assessment
activities as a service offering.

A great tool to leverage, in assessing
Enterprise Applications for migration to Windows Azure. 


Comments (7)

  1. Vijay Arora says:

    How can I customize the MAT, I have searched on various links but I have not found any information on that how we can suztomize or self brand the MAT.

  2. Jitendra says:

    Sandeep, unable to find the tool on http://www.microsoft.com/…/partners can you please provide a direct link.

  3. Vijay Arora says:

    When we download MAT, it will install at location the following location:

    ‘C:Users<UserName>AppDataLocalApps2.02P7QT514.4LN97WEPMHO.5KV’. ‘mat…tion_0000000000000000_0001.0000_33c47ccc0989f7b3’

    which contains a folder named ‘FlowBrandingFiles’, and in that we have images and XMLs for customizing the tool.

  4. Vijay Arora says:

    You can download MAT at the following location:


  5. Miguel Lopez says:

    Hi Vijay!

    Why do you think that the link to LMS_Registration.aspx put "(Retired)" about this MAT Tool? Is not supported or provided this tool for partners anymore? Why is not available, I found the tool very interesting, please explain something…

  6. Sandeep Alur says:

    Folks.. Apologies for my absence here. MAT is available @ partner.microsoft.com/…/40084702

  7. Roman says:

    Sandeep, can you tell us what happened with the WAT? It is no longer available in the Microsoft Partner Network. It will be very usefull if you can share it again. Also with new releases and improvements.

    Thank you

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