Article: Internet Explorer 9.0 – A Standard Compliant Browser

In today’s consumer driven online market, one element that remains a top priority and a challenge for a developer is providing analogous experience to end users across leading browsers says Alur. Read onm @


Jumpstart an Enterprise to Windows Azure with Migration Assessment Tool (MAT)

Often when we think about embracing Cloud for Enterprise assets, the most daunting question that come up is related to the candidate application. Yes! From an Enterprise point of view, lot goes into thinking in terms of opting for an off premise, on-premise or a Hybrid model. However the most important of all is the…


Article: Securing Applications with Windows Azure

My latest @ PC Quest (Print Edition – August 2010). Read on @ PC Quest Online.


Article: Before you move to the Cloud

PC Quest  In a column Sandeep J. Alur, Enterprise Architect Advisor, Microsoft, writes, “Cloud computing has been making waves in the last couple of years, with biggies like Amazon, Google & Microsoft spearheading this phenomenon. It is definitely an attractive operating environment for enterprises who are expected to worry less about hosting solutions. Like any…


Article: Time for next generation ‘Online Banking’

We are living in this electronic age dominated by the social media, and this big wave is well complimented & enabled by the social computing websites. The vast majority of the internet users round the globe socialize on the web and this trend has caught up pretty well. Facebook and Twitter are the classic example…