‘Bing’ – Sophistication in Search on the Web

Microsoft launched the much awaited, improved and refurbished Search Engine http://www.bing.com ? Oops! Did I say 'Search'...Well! We are living in this era driven by terminolgies and theories like Web 3.0. It's a 'Decision Engine' in comparison to the popular search engines. Want to know more about Bing - Take a tour @ http://www.discoverbing.com/tour/. However, what impressed me the most is the vision towards providing a 'Decision Engine' against a regular web lookup. While we depend on search results influencing our decisions, bit of intelligence in terms of search query results will make an abundance of difference to the end user. We can term this as an 'Evolution' phase with more sophisticated features acting behind the scenes for a particular web lookup.

Simple things are made easy with Bing (though it is yet to evolve). You want to know the flight status ? Pretty simple. Just Bing for "Flight Status KingFisher IT102"  or just "IT102" and see the outcome. Works for most of the airlines.Keep 'Binging'...

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