What I like about IE 8.0

We are now a few weeks into RC1 of IE 8.0. I have been with IE 8.0 ever since Beta was out. Two aspect that has always drawn my attention is the 'Speed' and 'Ease of Use'. I am not really surprised by the fact that the theme of IE 8 has been 'Faster', 'Easier' and 'More Secure'. One can definitely experience the same while they browse using IE 8.0.  Below are the ones that really makes a difference to the overall browsing experience

a. Favourites on the Tool Bar: While we were used to opening the favourites menu, some of the sites that we visit on a daily basis can be placed on the toolbar. This means you are just a click away from visiting the page you desire

b. Web Slices: This is a definite innovation that takes browsing experience to greater heights

c. Accelerators: Again, a definite acceleration in ones browsing experience.

Download it now and experience it...http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/


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