Azure Services Platform -> Cloud Computing has Arrived

Well! Cloud Computing from Microsoft has arrived.  ‘Azure’ Services, such an apt name to signify cloud services. Azure Services is a cloud computing platform hosted in Microsoft’s data centers. For more details, check out the below URL


SOA Factor – Take it Nice and Easy

‘SOA’ has done the ’round the world’ act through the hype cycle and I personally have not witnessed a greater roller coaster ride than this. I have been part of the ride and it has been very invigorating and a bane at times.  Decision Makers need to take a step back and understand the challenges…


Software Plus Service(S+S) -> What and How ?

Software Plus Service (S+S) is a vision laid out by Microsoft a few years back and now being spoken loud in the communities world wide. Well! The time is just right for Enterprises to envision the value of S+S where the concept of ‘Service’ is being used largely in-lieu of software’s/systems. Everyone is aware of…


Self Learning: Training material on .Net 3.5

A fantastic training material on Visual Studio 2008 & .Net Framework 3.5. Download the same from the URL below. Great hands-on lab and demos.


Identity Managed by Windows Live

‘Identity’ is a term that revolves around everything where an interaction or a communication exist.The interaction can be human-human or human-system or system-system. In reality when we build systems, managing end user identity is one of the major agenda on the cards. But again, managing multiple identity stores for various systems does not make sense. The…