Sandcastle Configuration (sandcastle.config)

Overview Sandcastle builds documentation for any managed class libraries. Sandcastle requires the following inputs: A set of managed assemblies (.dlls or .exes) to document The set of assemblies on which the operation of those assemblies depend (aka dependencies) XML comment files like those generated from /// comments using the /doc option. XML documentation comments can…


Joe in Iowa – A Sandcastle Scenario

This post provides steps to create CHM using Sandcastle. Some of the users have automated these steps. Mikael Söderström has a “Sandcastle Helper” here, Ashley van Gerven has a batch script available here and Scott Hanselman’s has power shell script available here. Frank Kroondijk has created a Sandcastle VS 2005 add-in here. Anders Ljusberg has some…


Evolution of Sandcastle

Thanks for all your comments and feedback about the July CTP. I was away last week at a management training and will get back to all your comments. I also received several emails about Sandcastle and have started getting back them. This forum post had some interesting comments and made me write this blog about the…


A few faqs about Sandcastle

I’m super excited about the response to the Sandcastle CTP launch.  Much of the response has been positive, and folks have asked some great questions.  Let me try to address a few of the common questions people have about the site: Where can post Sandcastle related questions?Please post all Sandcastle related questions and discussions at…


Announcing Sandcastle CTP

Sandcastle CTP can now be downloaded at Instructions: 1. Visit the above link to download and install Sandcastle.2. After installing Sandcastle, click here to create a sample CHM build.   Anand..


Creating a Chm build using Sandcastle

Here are the steps to create a Chm build using Sandcastle. Please see the atatchment for the steps in text format.   Prerequisites: 1.    .Net Framework 2.0 2.    For Chm generation download HTML Help Workshop –     How do Reference Build From /// Comments using Sandcastle V2.0: Sandcastle can read authored triple-slash comments…


Sandcastle Overview

Attached power point slides provide a high level overview of Sandcastle. I will be posting more design details after we ship the CTP version Anand.. SandcastleV2.ppt


Announcing Sandcastle

We will be releasing the CTP version of Sandcastle shortly. There are couple places (download at our download center and also as a part of VS SDK) we are targeting to release our CTP version. Also as soon as the CTP is posted I will provide the information here so that you can download and use Sandcastle….