Sandcastle Release

Per my previous blog post, I have released the source code for the latest version of Sandcastle at This release was used to ship Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 documentation (

I am in the process of generating the msi and will be providing additional details on the release shortly. Please expect another blog with details by early next week. Cheers.



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  1. Paul Selormey says:

    We are really waiting for a new release and updates, but no one currently developing

    applications for the VS.NET 2010 or .NET 4.0, such features are not what we are really

    expecting at this time – speaking for myself 🙂

    Our wishes are fixing and improving the current offering, with a more improved documentations,

    while the VS.NET 2010 and Help 3.0 support remains in beta.

    In particular, I have observed

    1. the support for the Hana style is dropped, but the support for Prototype is maintained 🙁

    2. the announced support for XSD or XML schema documentation is only experimental, handled by the Prototype

    3. still no extended support of the web help to the conceptual topics.

    I am sorry, but I was looking forward to a more improved product, but this is not it.

    Yes, this release will finally help me to understand how to use the IntellisenseComponent2 and

    TaskGrabberComponent components, which I have being trying to get working.

    There is also information on how to produce the conceptual reference documents, which is also long

    overdue. These are very useful information, and a great help for my current work on Sandcastle.

    But, having waited for a whole year, if the current source codes is what is coming in the release,

    then it is not really exciting all. At least we should have a complete XSD documentation, that is supported in

    VS 2005 presentation in this release. If not in this release, then when?

    I love you Anand, and the great work you are doing, but this release is not it!

    It can remain in source repository, until the various parts are in place.

    Please come again, and better. And today is my birthday, I wished for a better present 🙂

    Best regards,


  2. daveblack says:

    Hi Anand,

    Is there any update on the MSI you were putting together?


    Dave Black

  3. sili18 says:


    Is there any update on the MSI…



  4. kenc says:

    I’m also waiting for the .msi.  Is it available yet?  The 2007 CTP didn’t come with any documentation.  Will the .msi have docs with it?

  5. SDolha says:

    We are waiting for the release (MSI); 3 weeks have already passed from your original announcement, so we hope you didn’t forget about it.

    We will soon need ability to develop documentation for .NET 4.0 assemblies (as we plan to release a component library for .NET 4.0 soon after the .NET 4.0 release).

  6. t_sch says:

    Can you give any hints to infos regarding localization of sandcastle generated documents?



  7. ericfine says:

    Will a new version of Sandcastle be replease soon?

  8. Basiclife says:

    Hi, With VS2010 now out, we’re also looking for an update to Sandcastle. It seems like the current version dies when it sees a lambda in a method call (ByVal Expression As System.Func(Of Entities.Item, Boolean))

    I’m sure you have other priorities but even letting us know timescales on this would be helpful.

    Many thanks

  9. wout says:

    Hi, is this Sandcastle project still alive? I’m getting the feeling it has gone rigor mortis… Please resurrect this wonderful tool!


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