Sandcastle project removed from Codeplex


We have removed Sandcastle project from Codeplex after carefully evaluating the feedback from this thread (currently unavailable).

There are few options such as the following:

  1. Publish the source code for Sandcastle and revive this project in Codeplex

  2. Migrate sandcastle to MSDN Code gallery at

I am going to evaluate these and other options carefully but rest assured the Sandcastle downloads will be available soon for the customers.

I am greatful for all the great community efforts, support around Sandcastle and the adoption rates.
I ask your patience while I make every effort to address the options presented. I will get back and blog about our decision.

Thanks for your understanding.  Please feel free to contact me ( directly regarding any questions. Cheers.



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  1. SelormeyPaul says:

    Hello Anand,

    We are sorry for all these problems. We know you have a great passion for this community and wish to serve. You are simply driven by your love to serve the community, and it is very unfortunate how some are reacting to this.

    The Sandcastle at CodePlex was a great success, and we want you to know that we really appreciate it. That effort inspired the Sandcastle Styles and Assist projects, so thank you.

    Please leave all those open source talks, simply use the MSDN Code Gallery to release the binary, that is all we need. The Sandcastle is well designed and highly extensible.

    Keep smiling and have a blessed weekend.

    Best regards,


  2. PJonDevelopment says:

    I’m really sorry for hearing that.

    SandCastle is a great project and I do hope that you guys find a better place to publish it really soon.

    Keep up the good work.


    Paulo Santos

    P.S.: In the mean time, where can we download the binaries?

  3. PJonDevelopment says:

    I’ve contacted Eric Woodruf and he was kind enough to send me the May 2008 release of SandCastle.

    If anyone needs it I’ve mirrored it here:


    Paulo Santos

  4. TroyGoode says:

    Given the success Microsoft has had recently with release MVC’s source on CodePlex, I think this is a great opportunity to expand upon that initiative and publish Sandcastle’s source as well.

    Regardless of the ultimate decision, I am impressed that you have sought out the community’s input and hope to see more interaction like this in the future,

    Troy Goode

  5. SelormeyPaul says:

    @TroGoode: Given the success Microsoft has had recently with release MVC’s source on CodePlex,…

    What was the success there? I like open source but that is one project I will not border my head with, you cannot even port it to .NET 2.x or even a discussion.

    I just do not want this desire of an open source to stand on the way of a productive tool. If it can be made fine, if it cannot still fine. If I need to look at the inner working to get a job done, there is also the Reflector.

  6. mreith says:

    I appreciate your concern over the the use of CodePlex for closed source apps as well as your consideration for what to do next. I would like to see the source code distributed to CodePlex, but I understand if that is not possible and the binaries are distributed via Code Gallery. In either case, I hope to be using Sandcastle for years to come.

    Thanks for all of your efforts in this project.

  7. pstatho says:

    I vote for option 1.

    You might not get that much community help, but I believe you will get more community feedback.

    Another important benefit, is that if just a couple of developers take a look at the code they might get inspired and build something great one day. It’s simply additional knowledge!

  8. stonich says:

    What’s the issue? Why is the source not published? Either way, I love it and will use it to create documentation.

  9. b3ardman says:


    I’d love to see Sandcastle on CodePlex.

    For me, I’d much rather have a project that’s alive and that (at least in theory) I can contribute to, rather than a project that’s just given as a "sample". I’m sure that there’s someone out there who values this tool enough to take it on and keep it alive.

    What with NDoc having been superseded by Sandcastle around .Net 2.0 time, it seems strange that Sandcastle is now being withdrawn just after .Net 3.5…

  10. anotherlab says:

    I would prefer to see SandCastle on CodePlex with the source code.  I would probably only use the binaries, but I would like to see the source code.

  11. duncan_bayne says:

    Sandcastle hasn’t been withdrawn; it’s just been taken off CodePlex as it isn’t an open source product.

    The binaries are still available under the Ms-PL; I’ve mirrored them here:

  12. CoqBlog says:

    Si vous avez tenter d’obtenir les binaires de Sandcastle ces derniers temps, vous aurez sans doute remarqué

  13. Sandcastle says:

    I am very pleased to announce the availability of the Sandcastle project with source code at

  14. Aunque ustedes no lo crean, Microsoft publica software OpenSource. De hecho hay 2 licencias de Microsoft aprobadas oficialmente por la OSI, la Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL), y la Microsoft Reciprocal License (Ms-RL). Pero les cuesta, y es claro que

  15. Sandcastle (software) Background The Sandcastle application was developed by Microsoft Microsoft:Microsoft to create a scalable and performing documentation generator for their API documentation….

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