ScriptDoc 1.0 for extractiong Javascript code comments is now available at Codeplex

In April I blogged about Bertrand Leroy's, cool document extraction tool (ScriprDoc 1.0) that will generate file for Javascript. Today Bertrand released ScriptDoc 1.0 at CodePlex. Please see more details at

As a part of this release we also made the reflection schema (reflection.xsd) of Sandcastle available at

Steps to document Atlas client side Javascript code comments:

  1. Run ScriptDoc 1.0 on the project you want to generate documentation. To do this set up an ASP.NET (2.0 or above) that points to the root directory. You must have Microsoft Ajax installed on the machine. You will need write access to the Output directory. Browse to the application, specifying the project you want to generate documentation for in the “project” querystring parameter (e.g. http://localhost/scriptdoc/default.aspx?project=MicrosoftAjax). ScriptDoc 1.0 will generate the .org and the .xml output files in the Output directory

  2. The output from ScriptDoc 1.0 will be the file generated by MrefBuilder component of Sandcastle. This is the output generated in step 4 Sandcastle build process outlined at

  3. Run steps 5 through 12 of on to generate a CHM

  4. Happy documenting!

 ScriptDoc 1.0


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  1. GeoffreyK says:

    I’m not understanding what you mean by a project?  I have an assembly that I have built from my source code is this what you mean, or are you referring to the .csproj file?

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