Generating friendly HTM file names from Sandcastle

Sandcastle generates GUID file names for HTM. With the release of November CTP you can generated friendly HTM names. The blog post explains steps for generating a CHM output. To generate friendly HTM names replace step 5 for transforming the output with the following: 

XslTransform /xsl:..\..\ProductionTransforms\AddOverloads.xsl




In the above step we releace AddGuidFilenames.xsl with AddFriendlyFilenames.xsl. Doing the above will generate friendly HTM names for the files in the Output/html folder.




Comments (2)

  1. gfraiteur says:

    A good feature, useful when help files are deployed on a web server, would be to generate multi-level directories. This is because some file systems don’t like large directories…

    Say the hash value of a filename is 457863. It may be in the directory ./html/45/78/63.


  2. CoqBlog says:

    la CTP de Novembre de Sandcastle est disponible . Au menu : What’s new in this version: Support for the

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