Announcing September Sandcastle CTP Technical Refresh

The September CTP technical refresh version for Sandcastle is now available for download at

What's new in this version:

  1. Visual Studio 2005 look and feel transforms.

  2. Art folder for VS2005 presentation renamed to icons for consistency

  3. State of Syntax tab persists across topics in HxS build.

  4. Transforms for hiding explicit interface implementations.

  5. Index and keyword generation in HxS build. To generate Index and keyword for HxS build please modify sandcastle.config. Under the transformation step in sandcastle.config, change
                <argument name=”metadata” value=”false” />
                <argument name=”metadata” value=”true” />

Note: We are providing VS 2005 transforms under Presentation/VS2005 folder and the transforms shipped with the previous versions under Presentation/Prototype folder. For building VS2005 format please use sandcastle.config file from C:\Program Files\Sandcastle\Presentation\vs2005\Configuration folder as it uses shared content from C:\Program Files\Sandcastle\Presentation\vs2005\Content and transforms from C:\Program Files\Sandcastle\Presentation\vs2005\Transforms

Issues Fixed in this Version:

  1. CPP rendering in presentation.css

  2. Typos in Presentation\Prototype\transforms\main_sandcastle.xsl

  3. Typos in Presentation\Prototype\content\reference_content.xml

  4. Fixed <list> bug in the VS2005 main_sandcastle.xsl file (@class instead of @type)

  5. Member section not appearing for VS2005 style

  6. For VS2005 style On Member pages, the "Namespace:" at the top is always empty.

  7. The VS2005 style doesn't show the parameter names/types in the TOC and the topic headers

  8. For VS2005 style On Namespaces pages, type categories (class, structure, interfaces) with no items show empty list.

  9. Notlastchild.gif is missing in prototype presentation.

  10. Pubstructure.gif has transparent background now

  11. Broken images missing for vs2005 style

Bug Fixes in September CTP:

The following bugs have been fixed for this CTP:

  1. Sandcastle transforms does not process all XML elements from code comments

  2. MrefBuilder: Display friendly log message when "comments" are missing in config file

  3. Bugs in documenting lists

  4. F-keywords are not generated by the HxS

  5. Exception tag from XML comments are not being populated in .chm file

  6. Lists are not documented properly

  7. Buildassembler generates indexoutofrangeexception

  8. Visaul bug for R:Project

  9. August CTP and Inherited Interface Implementations

  10. Overloads do not display properly in Contents-tab

  11. August CTP: Problem with attributed fields

  12. Mrefbuilder crash on several VS dlls

  13. Syntax tab selection does not persist across topics

  14. Issues with localized XML files

  15. HHC file name not supported with extended characters

  16. C++ set methods for properties are still documented with an extra comma.

  17. The <seealso> tag seems to work just like the <see> tag.

  18. The parameters just look like an empty constructor in the HTML

  19. August CTP : <c> tag not working

  20. Attributes on methods

  21. Aug CTP: <seealso> tag not working

  22. Generic types are not displayed in method declaration

  23. Return-only generic type parameter not listed in doc

  24. Where clause not part of the doc




Comments (7)

  1. whoisvaibhav says:

    Ahhh.. I have been waiting for this. Thank you.

    Are you guys going to put up a refresh on the latest step-by-step needed to produce and compile the documentation?

    Also, are we going to get a sneak preview of what more is in store?



  2. Microsoft have released a Technical refresh for the September 2006 CTP version of Sandcastle which is…

  3. ssj4finalflash says:


    Is it possible in the September CTP Technical Refresh to pull /// comments from within a function, or is Sandcastle limited to the comment block above the function?

  4. Garry Trinder says:

    Hi ssj4finalflash,

    Sandcastle has nothing to do with pulling /// comments from a function. Sandcastle processes /// comments using the /doc compiler switch in CSC.

    This may be a limitation of /doc compiler.

    Also if you post your Sandcastle questions others will be able to participate and answer.

    Thanks for using Sandcastle.


  5. Smöråkning says:

    I have updated the MSBuild script for Sandcastle to support the September CTP . You can download the

  6. gfraiteur says:

    This release works nearly perfectly! With a lot of courage you can get great results. For instance with some post-processing I generated an online documentation (see If you want to get inspiration, the source code is available (see


  7. Garry Trinder says:


    The documentation for your site looks great. I would like to blog about how you generated documentation for web using Sandcastle. Coule you email aramATmicrosoftDOTcom details about it,


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