Microsoft MPIO Command Line Reference (mpclaim) and Server Core Configuration

To install MPIO on Server core on Windows Server 2008 run this command from a command prompt

“ocsetup MultipathIo /norestart” and then run “ mpclaim –r –i –a “” ”

This command Installs the Microsoft MPIO Optional Component on non Server Core installations  and then sets the Microsoft MPIO DSM (MSDSM) to claim all unclaimed Microsoft MPIO devices in the system. 



1) For ALUA storage, “Fail Over Only” policy is the default policy applied

2) For non-ALUA storage  “Round Robin with Subset” is the default policy used


* Please Note: The defaults only apply to new devices and to devices which have not had an LB policy set as persisted.


The MPIOCPL is also included in Server Core and can be launched from a command line to bring up the GUI to configure MPIO devices:






MPCLAIM Command Line Reference:


Usage: mpclaim reboot_option install_switch device_switch device_hwid(s)

reboot_option Whether to automatically reboot or not

-r automatically reboot without prompting

-n suppress reboot request (CALLER IS EXPECTED TO REBOOT)

install_switch Whether to add or remove MPIO support

-i install MPIO optional component and add multipath support for device

-u remove multipath support for device and uninstall MPIO

OC if no remaining devices are configured for MPIO

device_switch Whether to apply above options to all devices or passed-in devices

-d following parameters indicate hardware ids of devices

-a work on all applicable devices

-c work on only all SPC3-compliant devices (meaningful only in the

context of install. If used with '-u', it is treated as '-a')

device_hwid HardwareIDs of Devices to be MPIO'd, as strings of vendor8product16,

delimited by a space (Note: Use empty string with '-a' option)

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