Sync Insights now available in Azure AD Connect Health

Howdy folks,

We announced Azure AD Connect Health for sync recently in this blog post. It provides you monitoring & notification of the sync component in Azure AD Connect. We’ve just added more functionality to it by offering sync insights.

Sync Insights offer 2 key capabilities in this release:

  • Latency of sync operations
  • Object Change trend

To get to the insights ‘blade’, please choose the sync server on your sync health blade and then click on the latency part within this blade.

Sync Latency

A graphical trend of latency of the sync operations (import, export etc…) for connectors. This gives you a quick and easy way to both understand the latency of your operations (great for customers with large set of changes occurring) as well as detect anomalies in latency that require further investigation

By default, only the latency of the ‘Export’ operation for the Azure AD Connector is shown. To see more operations on the connector or operations from other connectors, right click on the chart and choose the specific operation and connector.

Sync Object Changes

A graphical trend of the # of changes that are being evaluated and exported to Azure AD. Today, this is hard to gather from the sync logs. The charts give you an easy way to monitor the # of changes that are occurring in your system. More importantly, it gives you a good visual view into failures occurring in the sync system.


Hope you like this addition to the arsenal of tools that makes your life as an IT admin easier. If you have any feedback or any additional requests for sync insights, please do drop me a note as a comment or you can tweet me @MrADFS.


//Sam (@MrADFS)

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