So-cal CodeCamp 08!

I got the opportunity to give a talk at the SoCal CodeCamp 08 this past weekend, and its driven me back to blogging. Its been just over 8 months since my last post - these 8 months have been spent with my head down working on Visual Studio 2010, the CTP of which is to be unveiled tomorrow at PDC. I'll be posting some thoughts on the new stuff once it gets unveiled, so stay tuned!

Several people asked that I put up the slides that I used online, and put up the code in the demo that I wrote, so I've gone ahead and done that.

You can find the slides here, and the demo here.

In the talk, I wrote some C# 2.0 code and performed step by step transformations on it to turn it into the much more declarative C# 3.0 code. In the project file that you'll download, I've included separate source files for each of the transformations that I did for each feature, identified by their feature name. Hope you find it helpful!

Happy coding!

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