Power BI – Comparing Date Selection Visuals – Slicer vs Timeline

Power BI - Comparing Date Selection Visuals - Slicer vs. Timeline

With the recent October 2016 Power BI Desktop update, we now have a much nicer way to filter reports based on dates by using the built-in Slicer visual. I have been using the custom Timeline visual in most of my reports where date selection is required. As you can see in the interactive report below, the update to the built-in Slicer visual is very compact and clean, while the Timeline visual is quite a bit larger, but allows for a different user interaction experience. I like them both and can see myself using them in different situations. Try them out yourself and see which experience you like better.



Sam Lester (MSFT)

Comments (2)

  1. Ellen says:

    Love it!……..I can see I’m running the Nov 2016 desk top version of Power BI desk top, but why cant i find this custom visual slicer?

  2. Hi Ellen, the slicer visual (on the left in the blog entry above) is built-in and is included in the default visuals pane. You just need to use it with a date data type to have the calendar selection functionality. The Timeline slicer (on the right above) is available for download at https://app.powerbi.com/visuals/.

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