Sorting MSDN Forums threads by number of page views

After answering questions in the MSDN forums for the past 10 years, I was curious about which of the threads I've contributed to have received the largest number of page views / hits and discovered a little trick to be able to accomplish this. It isn't built-in through the UI, so you need to do a bit of simple URL manipulation. Interestingly, a question about locating SQL Server 2012 Management Studio Express has been viewed over 511,000 times, coming in as the highest viewed post that I've contributed to in the forums. Enjoy!


1. First, log in to the MSDN forums ( and click on "My Threads" below your profile picture and information.

2. Here you'll see all of your threads that you've contributed to, along with sort options shown below. By default, the forums currently sort by most recent post.

3. Click on a different sort option to have the parameters passed along the URL. Ex: Click on Most Recent Thread.

At this point, the URL will include the parameters, including one for sort options.

My URL appears as: Lester - MSFT&filter=alltypes&sort=firstpostdesc&searchTerm=undefined

4. Replace "sort=firstpostdesc" with "sort=viewsdesc" in the URL to sort the threads by views, such as in the top screenshot in this article.

Hope that helps!
Sam Lester (MSFT)



Comments (5)

  1. For starters, I have 9,384 My Threads.

  2. Um, yeah. That would be 4M+ on this one:…/read-first-purpose-of-this-forum-we-dont-guarantee-fixes

    — You had to ask, didn't you?

    And here's the URL for the list:  

  3. Naomi N says:

    Mine is

    How to get all field names in a table using sql query? with 444K views

  4. pituach says:

    Great post Sam,

    This post could fit great to the Forum’s blog – named “MSDN Forum Ninjas”:

    It’s like part two of an old post named “Microsoft Forums URL address format” which I posted to explain the forum URL 🙂

    Great tip! Thanks for sharing

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