Running SharePoint Service Applications in Read Only Mode for Disaster Recovery Farms

As mentioned before, there’s good reason to have a disaster recovery (DR) farm setup for SharePoint if you need near 100% uptime. As also mentioned, you may need to synchronise some service-applications between farms too for data consistency; taxonomies, user-profiles etc often go hand-in-hand so having unique service-applications on each farm just isn’t an option….


Why Does SharePoint Start-up So Slowly?

A question that comes up often is why SharePoint takes so long to do anything the first time something’s accessed after an IIS restart, or machine reboot. Typically for a non-technical person this is what triggers this question: A page is opened in the browser by the user. SharePoint takes its’ sweet time getting said…


SharePoint Search Service – Failover & Outage Resiliency

I thought I’d share some tests I’ve done on how much more resilient the new search engine is to server outages now in 2013 just because I’ve done some research on it just recently. It’s especially nice for consuming farms because there’s a nice abstraction from any server apocalypse going on in the service publishing…


Troubleshooting SharePoint Event ID 6393

This event ID means “a SharePoint timer job had an unexpected failure” in short. Admittedly this isn’t overly informative given how many different timer-jobs there are for any given SharePoint farm. Your first challenge is therefore figuring out which job it’s talking about which shouldn’t be too hard given it gives you the class name…


SharePoint Health Report Error – The Security Token Service is Not Available

If you’ve ever spent any time with SharePoint you might’ve seen this error. It appears as a critical error in the Central Administration health status because, depending on your farm config/topology, it can be a service-killing error. This is just a quick post about how to diagnose the root-cause of the problem more effectively and…


Increasing Service Application Redundancy

A key part of any high-availability strategy for SharePoint web-farms is making sure service-applications have more than one server to service them to increase back-end resiliency to a SharePoint server dropping off the network. This concept isn’t anything new to many SharePoint admins at least but in case this internal load-balancing/fault-tolerance system isn’t clear I’ve…


Multi-Subnet SharePoint Farms – High Availability SharePoint

Why is Multi-Subnetting Awesome? Having a SharePoint farm span across multiple subnets can improve the reliability of a SharePoint farm against networking failures. Reasons why a network could fail are mentioned below, but they are just another reason SharePoint can go offline and removing them as a factor is the focus of this post. We’ll…