SharePoint Upgrade/Configuration Wizard Never Finishes

Some people may have had issues where the SharePoint Configuration Wizard never seems to finish an upgrade. This is a quick & dirty post to explain how finish it, as cleanly as possible. First; terminate the process via task-manager as closing the form will try and abort the dead upgrade process, so will never actually…


Patching SharePoint DR Farms with Replicated Service-Applications with SQL Server AlwaysOn

So now we’ve got an active/passive SharePoint farm solution setup, the next question that is how to patch both farms with as little drama as possible. We need to patch one farm while the other’s in use so that our beloved users don’t notice anything’s even happened to SharePoint – one of the key reasons…


Patching SharePoint with No Downtime using SQL Server AlwaysOn

As highlighted in a previous post, it is perfectly possible to patch SharePoint without suffering any downtime at all if you have x2 SharePoint farms to play with. This is great if you’re worried about the update process taking either too long for a maintenance window or not completing at all (initially). Edit: here’s some important…


A Deeper Look: Patching SharePoint 2013 Farms

So you need to patch a SharePoint farm and you’re unsure about the best way of doing so & the risks this might involve. This post broadly covers the best way of updating SharePoint farms, looks at typical problems you could see when it happens, and tries to answer some common questions about the process….


Smoother SharePoint Server Patching

Something that’s always been a challenge in SharePoint on-premises, and 2013 in particular is deploying patches across the farm. SharePoint patches, updates and service-packs typically take a literal age to install during which time whatever services that are in the farm will all have to come down eventually (in 2016 this is greatly improved). In…


SharePoint Server Patch Mismatch Problems

If you’ve patched a SharePoint farm before you’ll know that the last stage of the process is to let PSConfig/Configuration Wizard finish the job. This will stall (by default – you can force) if it doesn’t think all the servers in the farm have the same binary versions across the board and this article is…


How to Patch a Single SharePoint Farm With Minimal any Downtime

Having already blogged about this subject, a question I frequently get asked is “how can I patch my [single] SharePoint farm with no or minimal down-time?” Well let’s cut to the chase; it’s not possible to patch a SharePoint farm without any downtime, and the absolute minimum time you’re looking at is the time it…


Error Installing KB2920189 on Generation 2 Hyper-V VMs

You might get an error installing KB2920189 on any gen2 VMs. If you do, disable secure boot in the virtual machine settings and it should work. That’s it – a quick & dirty post because I barely found any info on this issue. This problem took up far too much of my time so hopefully…


Upgrading an Existing SharePoint 2013 Farm to Windows Server 2012 R2

Now that SharePoint 2013 supports Windows Server 2012 R2 via service-pack 1, you might be wondering how to upgrade your existing 2012 vanilla farm. It is possible albeit not as simple as you might think and this article shows you how, but if you want a quick explanation it’s “install SP1 across the farm; upgrade…


Patching SharePoint Farms with No Downtime

Patching SharePoint farms is a rare occurrence but one that almost certainly will happen at some point or other, if only for the need to stay on a supported platform as time goes on. When patching SharePoint it’s necessary to take the entire farm offline at one point for reasons explained here at length. In…