SharePoint 2010 Apps for n00bs – Introduction

Hello! Welcome to my blog section “SharePoint 2010 Apps for n00bs”. This mini-section is all about building SharePoint apps obviously but the bigger point is to highlight where SharePoint can be used to build your generic app with faster & better than traditional development frameworks. Given I’m assuming no experience with SharePoint previously I’m starting…

MOVED: Developing a SharePoint Application

This has been split into multiple parts & moved to to another place. Have a picture of a sleeping Tristan instead. Zzzzz.

First blog post!

Time for an introduction for myself I suppose; my name’s Sam Betts, I’m an Enterprise & Developer Support engineer in Microsoft with several years of developing and/or supporting SharePoint projects and installations of both large & small scale. I’m planning at documenting all the lessons I’ve learnt along the way, with the help of my…