Error Installing KB2920189 on Generation 2 Hyper-V VMs

You might get an error installing KB2920189 on any gen2 VMs. If you do, disable secure boot in the virtual machine settings and it should work.


That’s it – a quick & dirty post because I barely found any info on this issue. This problem took up far too much of my time so hopefully this workaround will help someone save the same frustration. Why this happens I don’t know; I’m a SharePoint dude 😉


Sam Betts

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  1. Dennis van den Akker says:

    The issue and workaround around is described in KB2962824. Update KB2871690 in the past has the same issue. As far as I know there are two solutions and one workaround.


    1. Disable secure boot as you have mentioned.

    2. Install the BitLocker optional component "Add-WindowsFeature -Name BitLocker -Restart;" (no configuration of BitLocker is required and this is what I would prefer as solution).


    1. Offline inject the update into the installation (Shutdown VM, mount VHD, inject the update).

  2. Worked for me says:

    Thanks for the tip.  This worked well for me.  I used the Install Bitlocker method as I did not want to disable secure boot.

    Saved me much time.

  3. Emanuel says:

    Thank you very much, i really appreciate you sharing your knowledge! This saved me a lot of time!

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