PSConfig System.InvalidOperationException – Cannot start the service SPAdmin on computer

Yes, this has been covered already but this problem caused me real headaches on the last CU upgrade I did for my test farms and nothing I tried seemed to help. All the machines patched just fine but when it came to finishing the upgrade with the psconfig/SharePoint wizard operation it all collapsed on every…


SharePoint 2010 Apps for n00bs – Forms

By this point in you should’ve seen the default form engine that SharePoint provides already and most likely you would’ve thought “not bad, but I bet it doesn’t do exactly what I want it to do”. You’d probably be right; the normal engine just tries to best-guess the presentation of the fields and other screen…


SharePoint 2010 Apps for n00bs – Reports

This part assumes you have done the “data” part of this workshop – here. If you haven’t, you can do similar with your own lists of course. This workshop & the one on data is also in video form – Reports in Excel So it just so happens, SharePoint supports hosting an online version…


SharePoint 2010 Apps for n00bs – Workflows

Another integral feature in SharePoint is the “workflows” concept that has been baked into the system since ye olde times and they’re basically just data-oriented application processes that can run automatically (or manually) when data changes. Specifically, they normally run important data operations that define how the business operates. Workflows are normally associated with a…


SharePoint 2010 Apps for n00bs – Data and Lists

We’ll start off by running through the very fundamentals of any application – storing data in lists, with some basic interfaces to get & set the data too. In SharePoint land, unlike SQL, we always have a basic interface to any list with the out-of-the-box forms SharePoint will provision for any given list store. This…


SharePoint 2010 Apps for n00bs – Introduction

Hello! Welcome to my blog section “SharePoint 2010 Apps for n00bs”. This mini-section is all about building SharePoint apps obviously but the bigger point is to highlight where SharePoint can be used to build your generic app with faster & better than traditional development frameworks. Given I’m assuming no experience with SharePoint previously I’m starting…


MOVED: Developing a SharePoint Application

This has been split into multiple parts & moved to to another place. Have a picture of a sleeping Tristan instead. Zzzzz.


First blog post!

Time for an introduction for myself I suppose; my name’s Sam Betts, I’m an Enterprise & Developer Support engineer in Microsoft with several years of developing and/or supporting SharePoint projects and installations of both large & small scale. I’m planning at documenting all the lessons I’ve learnt along the way, with the help of my…