Introduction to MySQL & PHP on Azure App Services (WIMP)

As there doesn’t seem to be masses of info on how PHP works on Azure App Services, I figured I’d do something around on the subject now having played around with it a bit. PHP has been an option for an Azure web-app runtime for a while now as you may have noticed already: That’ll…


Excel Data Connection Refreshes in SharePoint 2016 & Office Online 2016

Here’s a quick run-through on how to refresh data connections in Excel files stored in SharePoint, via Office Online, 2016 edition. Things have moved around in SharePoint 2016; no longer does Excel services exist in SharePoint-land, so refreshing Excel data-sources on the web has changed a bit. This is a quick guide on how to…


SharePoint + Web Application Proxy – 2016 Edition

I’ve done a couple of articles already on Web Application Proxy (WAP) with SharePoint, and figured it was time to update the series now Windows Server 2016 has improved on it. Here’s how to set-up SharePoint 2016 with Windows Server Web Application Proxy 2016, up, high-level. First, a quick recap; why use WAP on-top of…


Super SQL Server Clusters for SharePoint – Part 2

This is part two of one of how to setup the mother of all database clustering solutions for SharePoint. In part one we setup the failover cluster, installed SQL Server and configured the failover clusters. Previously we’d setup our super-cluster & installed SQL Server, this time with two failover clusters; one for each farm. Now…


Super SQL Server Clusters for SharePoint – Part 1

When I demonstrated AlwaysOn for SharePoint Disaster Recovery setups a while ago, the SQL cluster model I setup wasn’t strictly speaking highly-available. This is because there’s no failover for SQL Servers synchronising data between both SharePoint farms. A couple of people have pointed this out now and as this is technically a potential fault, I…


Repairing OneDrive “Next-Gen” Sign-in Loop of Doom on Windows 10

So I had a long-running issue where the next-generation OneDrive sync client just wouldn’t sign-in to my corp account, and nothing was syncing. I had tried the nice steps laid out on the support site, plus some more, but to no avail – the icon would stubbornly sit on “OneDrive for Business – Signing in”…


SharePoint Disaster Recovery vs. Active Passive Farms

Just a quick clarification on terminology & methodologies for SharePoint “disaster recovery” (DR). In case you didn’t know already, multiple SharePoint farms can be run sharing the same content data, which is very handy if you need near 100% uptime for your SharePoint sites & apps. If for any reason your primary farm dies, you…


SharePoint Upgrade/Configuration Wizard Never Finishes

Some people may have had issues where the SharePoint Configuration Wizard never seems to finish an upgrade. This is a quick & dirty post to explain how finish it, as cleanly as possible. First; terminate the process via task-manager as closing the form will try and abort the dead upgrade process, so will never actually…


Patching SharePoint DR Farms with Replicated Service-Applications with SQL Server AlwaysOn

So now we’ve got an active/passive SharePoint farm solution setup, the next question that is how to patch both farms with as little drama as possible. We need to patch one farm while the other’s in use so that our beloved users don’t notice anything’s even happened to SharePoint – one of the key reasons…


Running SharePoint Service Applications in Read Only Mode for Disaster Recovery Farms

As mentioned before, there’s good reason to have a disaster recovery (DR) farm setup for SharePoint if you need near 100% uptime. As also mentioned, you may need to synchronise some service-applications between farms too for data consistency; taxonomies, user-profiles etc often go hand-in-hand so having unique service-applications on each farm just isn’t an option….