[Closed] Job Opening: Software Development Engineer (Microsoft, Bellevue, WA)

Do you like dynamic challenges in rich internet application (RIA) development? A large scale internet application on the world’s top commercial web site sounds interesting to you? Do you want to work on cutting edge web application using state of the art Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies? If you answer yes to any of the above questions, here is an opportunity for you.

Microsoft adCenter UI development team is looking for a self-motivated and seasoned web UI developer. This UI team builds user interfaces using cutting edge technologies such as ASP.NET MVC and Silverlight for advertisers, agencies, and publishers that want to advertise on our ads networks including Bing and MSN etc. In addition to the current features developed in Silverlight and ASP.NET MVC, the next generation system includes rich UX and interactive workflows via Silverlight, and integration with semantic search engines. The UI is build using plug-n-play controls in Silverlight and AJAX and can be used in other adCenter, Microsoft.com and Bing.com properties. This is a great opportunity to impact the external customers with first hand code written in some state-of-the-art technologies. Some of the highlights of the project includes Web UI instrumentation for analyzing user’s cognitive behavior and collecting usage, performance and error data directly from the client side XMLHTTP and WCF calls. The developer is expected to build custom controls in XAML (using flexible content controls, client data binding, and MVVM for segregating UI from code behind), instrument and analyze performance metrics in the page payloads and individual controls’ payloads. Smart caching and on-demand loading of XAP will be implemented, and developer will work towards optimizing the PLT1 (Page Load Time – first) and PLTx (subsequent page load times) for this internet facing web application. Some of the other feature set of the web application include optimizing memory utilization on the client (browser – silverlight runtime) and the server (where WCF runs).

The required skills for this opening are: proficiency in OOP and C#, LINQ, ASP.NET (MVC, Controls, life cycle, integration, performance and payload optimizations), DHTML, XML/XSL, JavaScript (Object Oriented), XAML/Silverlight, AJAX (custom and jQuery implementations).

Knowledge of KAF Automation and Expression Blend is desired. A BA/BS degree in Computer Science, Electronics or Mathematics, 8+ years or an MS in similar fields with 7+ years of professional experience is required. If you're interested and you fit the criteria, please contact Sumit (samar at microsoft)

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