How Microsoft Uses VSTS 2008

In the last couple weeks, Steven Borg, Jeff Atwood and I did some one-day seminars on VSTS in California and Washington.  I keynoted the day and they did the heavy lifting of detailed demos.  In my talk, I demo’d some examples of how we inside Microsoft had dogfooded VSTS 2008 to manage the Orcas release.  There was a lot of interest in this, audible in the questions.  It’s also a hot topic every time customers come to campus and look for information on VSTS.  Obviously, I can’t provide access on our intranet, but I posted a video from a webcam that walks over a few of the sites and a PDF with the slides from the talk, including some screenshots. 

Thanks to Laura Smith, Raj Selvaraj and Master Chief (Marc Wolfson’s alter ego) for organizing the events!