Best articles from MSDN flash on an ebook format.

We have been collecting the best articles on the MSDN flash communication and we have compiled them in an eBook format. Here you can find articles from many Microsoft Consultants, inlcuding myone on the sync framework. You can download you copy here: XPS Version    PDF Version   Enjoy!


Design: Architecture Frame Considerations (Part 2)

In this second instalment we are going to review another set of frames. This guideline should help you to understand what is involved on each one of them as well as considerations and known patterns. You can find the first part following this link. The second part looks like this: The following guideline can help…


Design: Architecture Frame Considerations (Part 1)

At Microsoft we are working hard in putting together the different components that are involved deciding the architecture approach. One of these components is the architecture frame, which together with the architecture style and application type creates the architectural baseline for modern design. This guideline is targeting architects and not developers, therefore the topics and…


Design: SOA Taxonomy, an object oriented approach

An essential part of the SOA Governance is to properly identify the requirements in order to introduce or upgrade a service within your SOA model, this is commonly known and service and integration planning within the SOA lifecycle. This is all good in theory but the nightmares start when architects are trying to put it…


Windows Mobile Briefing Sessions (6.0 / 6.1)

If you have missed one of my sessions during the EMEA Windows Mobile Briefing you can find the recordings of our last Finland event. During this event I was covering also the first session and we had a large attendance, upon the demo using the orientation aware control didn’t work 馃檪 (I had cut and…


EMEA Windows Mobile Tour

Thanks everybody for attending to my sessions at the EMEA Windows Mobile Tour, I hope you have enjoyed the sessions. As promised, find here the decks and the demos that I have presented: 路       Session 1 Deck 路       Session 1 Demo 路       Session 2 Deck 路       Session 2 Demo 路       Applications block 1 路       Applications…


MSF Agile planning – The storyboard without TFS

Not all our customers will have a TFS implementation ready to go when we try to implement some agile procedures. This has limited some consultants that have been trained to implement MSF agile using our tool only. The good news is that there are some pragmatic ways to organize tasks and keep the communication open…


Why "using" may play tricks on your WCF service host

Many of the examples that have been published on the web about hosting the WCF use the “using” block to initialize the service. This blog entry shows you why this can catch you. The problem arises when you try to open your host and there is a problem with the configuration file, if you were…


MSF Agile and service packs management

Not a while ago, a customer asked me about how to incorporate the service packs and hot fixes to the agile development process, this triggered an interesting debate about the importance of a QA and release manager. The UAT environment always must reflect the live environment, this means that the automatic updates should be off (or…