Accessing TFS 2010 from VS2008

In order to access the new Team Foundation Server 2010 from your current Team Explorer 2008 you will need to install the Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1. Several customers were complaining that even with the service pack installed they couldn't manage to connect.

The problem is the order of the installation. For many customers, the orders was:

1) Visual Studio SP1
2) Team Explorer 2008

but if you have installed Team Explorer 2008 after the SP1 the changes are not in place. In order to sort out this just reinstall the SP1 and it will work.

Comments (4)

  1. Lothar Meinel says:


    I installe everything correctly, I am able to connect to my TFS 2010 with VS Team System 2008, but I am not able to create a new Team Project.

    TF30172: You do not have permission to create a Team Project!


  2. SalvaPatuel says:

    Yo can't create a TFS 2010 project from VS2008, you need to use VS2010.


  3. Dave T. says:

    I can also not add a Prject!

  4. Doug says:

    I am having the same issue here: I am trying to create team project using VS2008 (file>new> team Project)  I am able to connect to TFS 2010 but get the same error: TF30172…

    I am reading other blogs that this admin function is not supported in tfs 2010, some are suggesting that i create Team project using vs2010… if this is true will I be able to connect and work with those project using VS2008???? any help please??

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