Accessing TFS 2010 from VS2008

In order to access the new Team Foundation Server 2010 from your current Team Explorer 2008 you will need to install the Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1. Several customers were complaining that even with the service pack installed they couldn’t manage to connect. The problem is the order of the installation. For many customers,…


Background and Foreground GC in .NET 4

Another interesting new feature of the CLR 4 comes from the Garbage collection team. On this version, they are adding some performance enhancements on the memory allocation process. The feature is commonly called “Background GC”. But what does it actually mean? As applications are starting to consume more memory and some of them moving to…


Working with memory mapped files in .NET 4

I have been exploring different new features that come with the .NET 4, beyond the most popular ones like dynamic types and covariance; I was interested in performance enhancements. For this reason I am going to publish a couple of blog entries were I explore these different features. Memory mapped files may sounds alien to…


Best articles from MSDN flash on an ebook format.

We have been collecting the best articles on the MSDN flash communication and we have compiled them in an eBook format. Here you can find articles from many Microsoft Consultants, inlcuding myone on the sync framework. You can download you copy here: XPS Version    PDF Version   Enjoy!


Design: Architecture Frame Considerations (Part 2)

In this second instalment we are going to review another set of frames. This guideline should help you to understand what is involved on each one of them as well as considerations and known patterns. You can find the first part following this link. The second part looks like this: The following guideline can help…