Design: Architecture Frame Considerations (Part 1)

At Microsoft we are working hard in putting together the different components that are involved deciding the architecture approach. One of these components is the architecture frame, which together with the architecture style and application type creates the architectural baseline for modern design. This guideline is targeting architects and not developers, therefore the topics and…


Build: Sharing types and instances between Silverlight and JavaScript

  The first thing that ASP.NET developers ask themselves is how to reuse the current existing JavaScript functionality with Silverlight applications. The good news is that the Silverlight team has delivered what they have promised regarding the interaction between these two worlds. This quick post will show you how to expose types and managed instances…


Design: SOA Taxonomy, an object oriented approach

An essential part of the SOA Governance is to properly identify the requirements in order to introduce or upgrade a service within your SOA model, this is commonly known and service and integration planning within the SOA lifecycle. This is all good in theory but the nightmares start when architects are trying to put it…


News: My Silverlight 2 book is nearly ready!

After months of writting, testing and understanding the inners of the hidden bugs, myself and my colleagues Jonathan Swift, Dan Wahlin and Chris Barker are finishing the last bits of the next book about Silverlight 2. The title will be “Silverlight 2 for ASP.NET developers” and will be published by Wrox. The experience has been…


Envision: Silverlight 2 Beta 2 and the competition

Silverlight 2 Beta 2 is nearly here (out at the end of this week), I want to highlight key announcements in TechEd and give you an overview on the competitiveness area. User Interface Changes: Beta 2 includes improvements in animation support, error handling and reporting, automation and accessibility support, keyboard input support, and general performance. …


Design: Classic stored procedures or Entities?

With the new entities framework to be released in the next service pack some of our customers and team members are starting to discuss what is the correct pattern. I wanted to extract my position around the choices.   I am big supporter of having options, in this case I don’t consider one better than the other one,…


Build: Interaction between JavaScript and Silverlight 2

As many questions are usually asked regarding how to interact between Silverlight and JavaScript I am going to spend some lines showing an example so you can keep it as a reference. The sample below works with Silverlight 2 and is based on the Beta 2 that we are dogfooding at Microsoft at the time…


Build: Silverlight 2 technology wallpaper

For those that can’t wait to print and stick a Silverlight 2 wallpaper to the wall here you can find a high resolution picture: You can download the high resolution one here


Windows Mobile Briefing Sessions (6.0 / 6.1)

If you have missed one of my sessions during the EMEA Windows Mobile Briefing you can find the recordings of our last Finland event. During this event I was covering also the first session and we had a large attendance, upon the demo using the orientation aware control didn’t work 🙂 (I had cut and…


Build: Accessing the DLR engine in Silverlight 2

Note: This code has been updated using Silverlight 2 RTM With Silverlight 2 a new set of components have been introduced into the equation, the most important one is the CLR Execution engine, that support in this case the dynamic language runtime (DLR) that we are going to host in this post. The following chart…