Passing Named Parameters to POST action and getting JSON array - Programmatically

Yesterday, I was approached by one of my teammate where he was facing an issue with getting JSON response from an ASP.NET MVC action.  He was working on a Console Application where he wanted to get the list of products from another internal ASP.NET MVC website. This ASP.NET MVC action was taking category (a string…


Which Unit Test framework to use with VSTS - MSTest or NUnit

Unit Testing is the core of TDD and it requires a lot of collaboration and communication among developers. One of the most debated topics among developers is “Should we use MsTest or NUnit?” People agree on disagreement and have their own preferences/reservations as per their point of view. In this Blog post, I am trying…


Load Testing with Visual Studio 2010

An Excellent Video from TechEd on Load/Performance Testing with Visual Studio