Painting behavior in VISTA

  In VISTA, painting behavior has been changed to improve user experience. In the new approach all top-level windows are rendered to an off-screen bitmap and then Desktop Window Manager combines the images to draw the desktop. This lead smooth graphical interface. But some application may fail to render correctly. Some of the most common symtoms related…


Story :: Solving out a BUG in VISTA

Today I got a severe attack on my computer while I was chatting at Yahoo Messenger. I got a popup from my friend’s email id with a link to upgrade to smart browser. I thought its legitimate so I allowed the application to run when VISTA prompted me for execute permissions. The application ran successfully…


GridView: Formatting doesn’t apply on "Money" data type using DataFormatString

Today, I was trying my hands with GridView. It was a very simple ASP.NET page where I was displaying Products in a grid. The Product Table has a column “Price” of “Money” Db Type. When I was fetching the data in the grid, I was getting the format as “0.0000”. Since none of my products require more…


Standard User Analyzer

What is It? It is a tool to help diagnose potential issues with an application when it is run as a standard user. It is based on LUA Predicator technology in Application Verifier [another tool in Application Compatibility Space] How it works? It intercepts common API calls which usually require elevated privileges and predicts whether…


Vista Logo Program

Microsoft Offers Windows Vista Logo Program for its customers to identify products that deliver a high-quality computing experience with VISTA. The application can be certified as “Works with Windows Vista” or “Designed for Windows Vista”. The details can be found at the Most Frequent Compatibility Issues according to compatibility cookbook are: OS Versioning User Account Control Session 0 Isolation…


Power Management::Power Policy Configuration and Deployment in Windows Vista

VISTA brings a lot of enhancements to the Power Management. Here are some of the online links to aware yourself with the changes:   Power Policy Configuration and Deployment in Windows Vista   Included in this white paper: • Power Policy User Experience • Windows Vista Power Policy Store • Group Policy Control…


Single point for SQL SERVER 2005 Express Edition Downloads

SQL Server Express edition is a free download avaialble from Microsoft. After installing Express Edition, in order to manage your databases, you will need SQL Server Management Studio Express. both the product can be downloaded from the following link. Try it.


BizTalk : XML Instance Validation against Schema

While working with an XML Schema, my team found that BizTalk compares the order of the fields as well while validating the instance with the schema. This lead to a big problem in our case. I don’t know why BizTalk considers the order of the fields? As per Database concepts, we say Relational Database doesn’t account…


The Facinating

Today Windows Live Service, and Live Search got beta tag off. The user interface is really cool. Its really fast. I tried searching, and I found it is useful and fast. The ability to personalize the portal is really awsome.