Windows Media Player for Windows 8

After setting up your machine with the latest Windows 8 OS, as a user you would assume Windows Media Player to be installed by default. Don't be surprised if you find it otherwise. There is no Media Player installed by default with Windows 8. The reasoning Microsoft provides for this behavior is that some countries require them to ship Windows without Media Player. There could have been a better way to handle this with localization. I would not go there - let them handle this.

Believe me this causes a great annoyance for a regular PC user and Microsoft gets all the heartfelt good vibes free of cost. To add more, when I go to, it shows a link to popular downloads and that redirects to me a page which shows all about XP, VISTA and Windows 7. There is no mention of Windows 8 at all. {Hope content team is reading this}

Bing and Google both have listed a link that has given me the link for actual Windows 8 Media Feature Pack download. Thanks to the writer.


Here is a link to download the Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 8:

I hope Microsoft content team looks into this issue seriously and makes the Windows 8 Media Feature Pack links easily available for users.



Comments (5)

  1. Paulcen says:

    Thank you for the link,i have been having the same issue for so long……really appreciate it

  2. Great work, thanks too much its really annoying me and my users keeping asking about that, but i couldn't understand why Microsoft did that purposely in all regions?

  3. artie1 says:

    Unfortunately after downloading both packages from this link I got the error message "this standalone package is not suitable for your computer" or words to that effect.  The search continues for me…  Thank you for letting me know about this issue though.

  4. Me says:

    No, I believe you're wrong. Your windows lacks windows media player because you've installed a Windows  8 N version.

    Windows N version was/is for European market and does not include WMP. Windows K version is for Korean market, where local law requires Windows installation to put two Korean website shortcuts on desktop.

    Windows KN version is a combination of these two: it installs two local, Korean website shortcuts and comes without WMP.

  5. Justin says:

    VLC Player is superior in every single way. Windows Media Player is useless.

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