Running Standalone Intellitrace Collector – step by step

Step 1:

Download the Standalone Intellitrace Collector

Step 2:

Run the Standalone Intellitrace Collector. This will create the file in the specified directory.

Step 3:

Expand the .cab file using this command:

expand /f:*

This preserves the folder structure of the collector files, which is important for later steps in this topic

Step 4: Setup permission for Log Collection Directory.  Make sure the collector installation directory is secure. Configure only these permissions to this directory:

  • Full permissions for the server administrator. For Web apps, full permissions for the person who will run PowerShell commands to collect data.
  • For Web apps, read and execute permissions for application pool identities to access the collector installation directory.

Step 5: Open Powershell command prompt. I am assuming that the cab file is extracted at c:.

Step 6: Import Intellitrace Module by running command.  Import-Module c:\IntelliTrace\Microsoft.VisualStudio.IntelliTrace.PowerShell.dll

Step 7: Start the collection process:

Start-IntelliTraceCollection "<TYPE APPPOOL FULL NAME>" c:\IntelliTrace\collection_plan.ASP.NET.trace.xml c:\LogFileLocation

Step 8: Get the Collection Status to check whether something is getting captured or not:

Get-IntelliTraceCollectionStatus -ApplicationPool "<APP POOL FULL NAME>"

Step 9: Stop Intellitrace collection

Stop-IntelliTraceCollection "<APP POOL FULL NAME>"

Step 10: Get the iTrace file generated in c:\LogFileLocation folder and send it to a developer or tester for a more detailed look. (if you not the one)






Comments (2)

  1. KSingh says:

    Any idea how to enter an app pool name that contains periods.. For example, My.App.Pool . IntelliTrace seems to object.

  2. sajoshi says:

    Hi KSingh,

    Use quotes for the app pool like shown in the sample command eg:

    Start-IntelliTraceCollection "MyApp.ASP4Pool.Public" c:IntelliTracecollection_plan.ASP.NET.trace.xml c:LogFileLocation

    This works!

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