Windows Media Player for Windows 8

After setting up your machine with the latest Windows 8 OS, as a user you would assume Windows Media Player to be installed by default. Don’t be surprised if you find it otherwise. There is no Media Player installed by default with Windows 8. The reasoning Microsoft provides for this behavior is that some countries…


Running Standalone Intellitrace Collector – step by step

Step 1: Download the Standalone Intellitrace Collector Step 2: Run the Standalone Intellitrace Collector. This will create the file in the specified directory. Step 3: Expand the .cab file using this command: expand /f:* This preserves the folder structure of the collector files, which is important for later steps in this topic…


How to install Microsoft Office 2013

I was looking for a preview link to download MSI for Office 2013 Preview bits. To much of my surprise when I go to official Microsoft Preview site, it only gives me links to explore Office 365 version. There is also no mention of MSI. Finally when I searched few websites, I found the link…


Automating Code Metrics in VS2010/VS2012 during Builds

Code Metrics provide an easy way to measure quality parameters for your code. While this feature has a good application within VS IDE, most of the people look for automating it with their build scripts. To facilitate build integration Microsoft released a new command line tool for computing the same code metrics. These include Maintainability Index, Cyclomatic…



Background: Primarily as a developer, I always wanted an online service which is free for me to put my projects under source control. I could find few paid TFS hosted services but I was not ready to put sample projects or source code which has no real dollar value associated under a paid service. Secondly, I used to…


Getting started with Windows Metro style app development

I started reading this and can’t stop. Very interesting and mostly step by step. Getting started with Windows Metro style app development


A great place to start learning development

Development for Beginners – A very good resource repository for beginning your development journey


Working with Agile in a Distributed Team Environment

I am proud to share my achievement as a MSDN author with you all. My recent article titled ‘Working with Agile in a Distributed Team Environment’ got published in MSDN magazine January 2012 Issue and very well received by respected industry authorities. I am hopeful you can leverage some of these experiences with your teams. …