Post Show Thoughts – Microsoft Singapore Event on VS 2010

For all those who know about this event and attended - hope they learnt something new and enjoyed it. Those who missed it - hopefully they will be able to make it next time.

Here is a brief agenda of the event:

While .NET 4 is out since long, many people still using .NET 2.0 and slowly making inroads towards .NET4.  There are tons of new things in .NET 4 which as an individual (every job role on an IT floor) you can get benefitted.  What I was speaking this time was the first session .NET 4 Demystified. It was a big task to cover all the new features of .NET Framework + C# in 40 mins.. However - I gathered some courage and said Yes to it. I started with .NET Framework General Updates where I shared the New Client Profile, Auto Roll Forward and Multiple In Process CLR versions. Then I moved on to BCL New Types and given demos on BigInteger, Tuple and Complex types. I talked briefly on Co and contra variance for generics and then moved on COM Interoperability improvements. Here I demoed NO PIA for Office Word API.

In the next section, I started talking on DLR and demoed Dynamic and ExpandoObject using Python. Due to time constraints I missed on Parallel Extensions demo but I am sure what I covered was useful.

I am planning to record the session and post it on my blog soon. May be I will try YouTube this time by cutting it in 2-3 15 mins videos. Stay Tuned!!!

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