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In past, I've been interviewing candidates for UI Developer roles and due to the nature of business, this role is a combination of UI Designer and.NET Developer. This role has dual responsibilities of UI Design and .NET Development.  Following Competencies are critical to this role:

Excellent Communication Skills - the candidate should be a good communicator as most of the cases he will be the liason between business stakeholders and project management team.

Technical Skills: 

  1. Should be Strong with : HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC
  2. Can be discounted on :  SQL Server or Database Skills

Most Common Interview Questions:

UI Design/Javascript/CSS/JQuery:

  1. How would you make sure that your CSS are cross browser compliant?
  2. What testing tools you've used for cross browser testing?
  3. Which javascript frameworks have you used?
  4. How would you achieve a Corporate Heading on all pages?
  5. What would be your approach to desing following elements:
    1. Navigation Menu
    2. 3-Column Layout
    3. A Grid with more than 2000 rows
  6. How would you manage a grid which has more columns than the page width (without horizontal scrolling)?
  7. What is CDN based referencing? Why do some site use JS files from Google or Yahoo CDN instead of their own server?
  8. How would you optimized the javascript footprint of the page?
  9. What all measures you would take to reduce the rendering time for a HTML page?
  10. What are the 3 key usability consideration you would make to design a website which will be used by School Principles (the users can change based on your requirements like CTO/CEO or Lawyers)
  11. Which tools you've used for javascript/jquery debugging? In which scenario?
  12. How would you handle a heirarchial response in JSON?
  13. How would you implement Error Handling in jquery or javascript?
  14. What all validation frameworks you have used?
  15. What all jQuery Plugins you have used? Where?? To achieve what??
  16. Tell me a scenario where you faced an issue with a jQuery plugin and you fixed/hacked it?


  1. Scenario on Type Casting /Constructor Overloading
  2. Scenario on Inheritance to check 'internal' or 'protected'  access level knowledge
  3. Difference between 'static' and class level data member?
  4. Exception Handling  - Difference between throw and throw Ex??
  5. Different between Array and ArrayList?
  6. Use of For vs ForEach?? Which one will you use and why?
  7. DataSet vs DataReader - which one to use where?
  8. DataTable vs DataView -  How to filter?
  9. Can I create a Dataset from an XML file? if yes - How?
  10. How can I return multiple values from a function?
  11. Difference between 'ref' and 'out'??

Nice to Know:

  1. Use of Dependency Injection
  2. Interface based inheritance - Loose coupling
  3. What is connection pooling?
  4. How DataAdapter keeps track of Changed Rows vs Original Rows?
  5. How to read the content of a File?
  6. Difference between Thread.Sleep() and Thread.Suspend()
  7. What is a Transaction Scope in ADO.NET??


  1. If I browse just the default.aspx and don't login, will there be a Session Id from me on the server?
  2. How does the server know if the request is coming from already existing session or a new one?
  3. How to store user information? (Have you used Membership.Profile)??
  4. How to block certain IP addresses from accessing your webpages??
  5. Can I access viewstate on one page from another page?
  6. How do you make sure the viewstate is available in a WebFarm Environment?
  7. If you need to store the list of Departments in a company (which changes very infrequently) - which object would you prefer Application or Cache or Session  and why??
  8. When you click on 'logout', what all actions you would perform on the server side??
  9. How to close the client browser on 'logout' click??
  10. Error Handling - Will you use both Application_Error() and <CustomError> or only one?? Why??
  11. How you would improve your website performance?
  12. Will Session_Start event be called for each request?
  13. Where does the server store Cache? Can I move it to SQL Server?
  14. Where does the server store Session Id? What is a cookieless Session?

  15. How would you do Server Side Paging? Is it different from doing inbuilt paging in GridView?? How??

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