Microsoft Web Matrix–A great tool for website owners


Couple of my friends own websites and I know how much pain it is to get small changes done. People relate every change to hours spent even if it a simple label change. I love CMS systems and the fact that there are many open source CMS systems like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress (yes – you can use WP as a CMS), DotNetNuke and so many other. As a user – I tried almost all of them to see what I can use/get familiar with. To my surprise, except few basic stuff – I really couldnot get much mileage from my experiments because I was looking for a more automated way of doing stuff. Where even if I don’t know PHP, I can still go ahead and customize my page. I think Microsoft Web Matrix is the answer to that. I am starting my experiments with this tool and so far so good. I feel it will a great tool for website owners. Here is the link:

Keep experimenting… Keep posting..

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