Learn ASP.NET MVC3 using Virtual Labs

If you are restricted by your work desktops’s RAM or availability of VS2010 or SQL Server on your development machine, Virtual Lab is the answer. With Virtual Labs you can learn almost everything about your favorite technologies like ASP.NET MVC, SharePoint, Exchange and so forth. All you need is an internet connection and browser. Here is…


Passing Named Parameters to POST action and getting JSON array – Programmatically

Yesterday, I was approached by one of my teammate where he was facing an issue with getting JSON response from an ASP.NET MVC action.  He was working on a Console Application where he wanted to get the list of products from another internal ASP.NET MVC website. This ASP.NET MVC action was taking category (a string…


LinqToSQL – Row Not found or Changed

Last week, I was asked to help on an exception on an ASP.NET page, which was occurring intermittently. The exception was Message: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: Row not found or changed. Initially, I started with Page Requests / Call Stack etc. but nothing seemed obvious. I started looking for other references at Google/ StackOverflow etc.. and finally found it as…


Easiest way to setup a new virtual machine with Windows 8 Developer Preview 64 bit

#bldwin was an overwhelming experience. The keynote session, demos and content – all are awesome!!! I just can’t wait my PC to have the new bits. I started the Developer Preview download around 30 minutes back. Lets see how long it takes. It took around 1 hour 25 minutes for me on a 6Mbps connection….


Dependency Injection with ASP.NET MVC3 – with custom IDependencyResolver

One of the new features of ASP.NET MVC3 is better support for dependency injection. There are changes in how the framework interacts with your Inversion of Control (IoC) Container. As we all know the whole point of DI is about separating component behavior from dependency resolution without object intervention. DI is a particular implementation of…


Which Unit Test framework to use with VSTS – MSTest or NUnit

Unit Testing is the core of TDD and it requires a lot of collaboration and communication among developers. One of the most debated topics among developers is “Should we use MsTest or NUnit?” People agree on disagreement and have their own preferences/reservations as per their point of view. In this Blog post, I am trying…


Load Testing with Visual Studio 2010

An Excellent Video from TechEd on Load/Performance Testing with Visual Studio https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechEd/NorthAmerica/2011/DEV302


Looking at Design Patterns – From Developers’ Eye

I am in a training class (again) and this time for different reasons. I am looking at how to code better with design patterns. While all this design patterns stuff looks so good and sounds so exiting, some of the thoughts keep me on my toes. I observed that most of the participants in the…