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From Marc Grabanski at http://www.learningjquery.com/2010/07/great-ways-to-learn-jquery

These jQuery resources will set you on the path towards mastering jQuery.

Written Articles

· Getting Started with jQuery – this is the official jQuery getting started guide.

· jQuery for JavaScript Programmers – Simon Willison (creator of django) gives you an introduction to jQuery for people who already understand JavaScript.

· jQuery Crash Course – Nathan Smith gives a quick introduction to jQuery on Digital Web Magazine.

· Introduction to jQuery – Rick Strahl, well-known for his work developing with Microsoft technologies, gives his introduction to jQuery with part two covering using jQuery with ASP.NET.


· jQuery Fundementals – open-source e-book written by Rebecca Murphey in collaboration with other well-known members of the jQuery community.

· jQuery Enlightenment – Cody Lindley’s e-book covers advanced topics on jQuery with links to working code examples in jsbin.

jQuery Books

· jQuery Cookbook – collaborative book by many jQuery team members with recipes on many jQuery topics.

· Learning jQuery 1.3 – walkthrough of learning the jQuery JavaScript library through hands-on examples and explanations. Authored by Karl Swedberg & Jonathan Chaffer

· jQuery Reference 1.4 – practical examples of the entire jQuery 1.4 API. Authored by Karl Swedberg & Jonathan Chaffer

· jQuery in Action 2nd edition – a fast-paced introduction to jQuery that will take your JavaScript programming to the next level. Authored by Bear Bibeault and Yehuda Katz.

· jQuery UI 1.7 – Build highly interactive web applications with ready-to-use widgets from the jQuery User Interface library. Authored by Dan Wellman.


· John Resig

Introduction to jQuery

Things You Might Not Know About jQuery

Improve Your Web App with jQuery

· Remy Sharp

(PDF download) jQuery for Designers

(PDF download) jQuery write more do a lot less

More talks from Remy

· Marc Grabanski

jQuery Essentials

· Simon Willison

jQuery in 15 minutes

Learning Screencasts

· jQuery for Absolute Beginners – Net Tuts screencast series starts by downloading the library and eventually work our way up to creating an AJAX style-switcher.

· jQuery for Designers Screencasts – a myriad of screencast videos to teach you jQuery from a designer’s perspective.

· Intro to jQuery – Chris Coyier from CSS Tricks gives you an introduction to jQuery.

Intro to jQuery Part 2

· Lullbot Introduction to jQuery – this video walks the viewer through the essential concepts and syntaxes needed to start writing simple-yet-powerful JavaScript using jQuery.

· The jQuery Course Prerelease – Marc Grabanski’s project to document all he’s learned from four years of jQuery programming into one educational course.

· Meet jQuery – this Peepcode Screencast teaches you jQuery through building a simple time-tracking application.

· An Intensive Introduction to jQuery – Ben Nadal takes a deep dive into jQuery.

Attend a training course

· Idea Foundry jQuery Training – The brains behind Collective Idea host jQuery classes led by Karl Swedberg in Holland, Michigan.

· jQuery Boot Camp – Ben Nadal’s training course in New York City.

· Thoughtbot Training – look here for training on jQuery from time to time.

Hire a Corporate jQuery Trainer

· appendTo Training – the jQuery company offers corporate training.

· Rebecca Murphey – started the open-source e-book jQuery Fundementals and is a member of the yayQuery podcast.

· Karl Swedberg – wrote the Learning jQuery books and runs this website.

· Marc Grabanski – creator of the jQuery UI Datepicker project and blogger.

· Ordered List – all around great guys, creators of the Harmony CMS, and active speakers and writers.


· Carsonified Online jQuery Conference

· Official jQuery Conference – hosted in Boston, San Francisco, and other locations in the future.

· jQuery Summit – online conference.

jQuery Meetups

Another great way to learn more jQuery is to start or join a jQuery Meetup. Check to see if there is a meetup near you, and if not, start one!


· Official jQuery Pocast

· yayQuery video podcast

More Resources

· jQuery on Twitter

· Twitter Directory for Tag jQuery

· jQuery List

· 10 Things I Learned from the jQuery Source

Other Blogs

· Remy Sharp jQuery

· Filament Group

· Nemikor – Scott González

· Ben Alman

· Paul Irish

· Marc Grabanski

· Alex Sexton

· James Padolsey

· Script Junkie

· NCZOnline – Nicholas Zakas

· Perfection Kills – Juriy Zaytsev (kangax)

· Stoyan Stefanov

· Steve Souders

· CSS Tricks

· Web Designer Wall

· Janko At Warp Speed

· Marco Folio

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