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Eager to know how Microsoft is helping the environment sustainability?

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Discover how Microsoft and its partners use innovative technologies and responsible business practices to address environmental challenges worldwide.

When it comes to saving the world, a small change can make a big a difference.

Over 40% of CO2 emissions come directly from the actions we, as individuals, undertake. Reducing our carbon footprint is an easy way to take responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions we create every time we heat our homes, fly away on holiday or turn on our computers.

From using your car less to turning the tap off when you clean your teeth to swapping regular light bulbs for energy efficient ones – everyone can take small actions to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

What is my Carbon Footprint?
Your Carbon Footprint is an estimate of how much CO2 you emit annually from your direct emissions through the use of gas, electricity and transport fuels. Understanding what goes into creating your Carbon Footprint can help you find ways in which to reduce it.

What can I pledge to change?
There are hundreds of ways in which you can live a greener lifestyle, including:

  • Recycling glass, paper and plastic where possible
  • Switching regular light bulbs for energy efficient ones
  • Stop using the stand-by option - turning off electrical goods at the socket
  • Walking, cycling or using public transport rather than driving whenever possible
  • Using a reusable travel mug rather than a disposable cup for tea and coffee at work

Live a greener life. Become a part of the environment initiatives by Microsoft!!!

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