Deploying OffScan to multiple Users

Best Practice:

If you are deploying Offscan to multiple users, you may face the issue that the Offscan process is running for long time at the user location. Most of the times it crosses 4-5 hrs session time.

I believe the best practice in this scenario is to leave the CAB files local by specifying the "DestinationPath" to a local folder on the user computer. You can use the any distribution tool to THEN collect the CAB files as opposed to writing so many small entries across the LAN which will hit performance ten fold or more.

Also each cab file has the computer name as the filename anyway, so to move one big file once (simple file copy) (as opposed to writing 10,000 entries into a CAB file over the wire) is much much faster.

You can also disable the creation of the CAB files by specifying "CABlogs=0" setting in config file.


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