Try the new Windows Live

Try the new release of Windows Live at and start using Windows Live to share photos, communicate with your friends and family, as well as help protect your PCs and your family while on-line. 


Here are just a few of the great new capabilities in this release of Windows Live:

· Now you can post your photos to Flickr in addition to Windows Live Spaces directly from inside Windows Live Photo Gallery

· Going on vacation and want to let your friends and family know?  Set up a vacation auto-reply in Windows Live Hotmail

· Use the unified contacts for all your communications in Windows Live, including pictures and gleam notifications in Windows Live Messenger to keep up with updates from your contacts on Windows Live Spaces

· Automatically rotate and group your photos by time when you import them using Windows Live Photo Gallery

· Windows Live Writer lets you work off-line and easily add maps, videos, pictures, and more to your blog

· Keep all your e-mail in one place using Windows Live Mail

· Use Windows Live OneCare Family Safety to keep track of your what children are doing on-line

· Set up your events, manage invitations, and collect photos from everyone using Windows Live Events

And that’s just the start!  Find out more details about everything listed above and some of the other amazing things you can do by visiting the Windows Live Wire Space and then go install the product by visiting  You’ll also want to make sure you and your friends and family are one of the first to get a new, additional “@live.*” Windows Live ID too.

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  1. Try the new release of Windows Live at and start using Windows Live to share photos

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