Story :: Solving out a BUG in VISTA

Today I got a severe attack on my computer while I was chatting at Yahoo Messenger. I got a popup from my friend's email id with a link to upgrade to smart browser. I thought its legitimate so I allowed the application to run when VISTA prompted me for execute permissions. The application ran successfully without any visual change to the system.  And this was the point when my system got infected. I was not able to do anything. When I was opening IE as a Standard User, I was getting a message "Windows Explorer stopped working". I thought it's because of Yahoo Msgner, so I wanted to see Installed Programs on my system. I tried going to Control Panel but I got the same prompt and I couldn't see it. Same was the case with My Computer/ My network place and everything.

What I did?  I started windows in safe mode and I tried browsing through IE. I got the same message again. Now I tried running IE as administrator. It worked. I got the point that something is trying to access some system resources from IE. So a I started looking at IE Protected Mode Symtoms as well as WRP Issues. Now I tries opening Control Panel, I got the error message again but clicked on the cross at top right. Surprisingly, I got a new message saying "IERegistry Problem : BOP010~1.dll is not able to access the registry". Now, I got the problem is somewhere in this dll which is trying to access the registry. I just removed the dll and now the system is working fine.

Well, VISTA has got security features but one has to utilize it. Nobody can help you, if you can't help urself.

Comments (2)

  1. vedala says:

    "I thought its legitimate so I allowed.." you are so gullible.

    "a popup from my friend’s email id with a link to upgrade to smart browser" :))

  2. Sandeep says:

    Thanks for pointing. I will take care in future.

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